Silver Wave History

The New Standard in Family Pontoon Boating

When you have a passion for building boats, you build boats.   

It was fitting that the founders of legendary bay boat brand Blue Wave Boats would reimagine the pontoon boat.  Silver Wave Pontoons, a new line of fiberglass pontoon boats hit the water during the Summer of 2010. 

Silver Wave Pontoons features a unique shear line thanks to the fiberglass fence that envelops the pontoon boat.   When compared to the typical aluminum fencing commonly found on the market there are several advantages to the use of fiberglass.  Fiberglass is tough, it is not easy to dent however if damaged it is easy and inexpensive to repair.  Aluminum does not have this flexibility, once dented it is not recoverable.  Fiberglass also offers more colors and can be shaped to incorporate accessories and flare.

Today Silver Wave crafts semi-custom pontoons with fresh and modern styling and impressive standard features in the same state-of-the-art 165,000 square foot facility Blue Wave Boats are built in.